Our Story

Is very dull.

We are Will & James and we had a vision, to serve expertly crafted coffee, using the finest beans and state of the art technology in a friendly, spacious and relaxed environment. We soon realised that hardly any of this was possible. What little we were able to salvage from the remnants of our shattered dreams has left us with a puny shop that we have foolishly decided to call Mother's Milk. Run by two baristas who are widely recognised as "average at best". On the plus side we are using lovely coffee, JB Kaffee to be precise, roasted in Germany by the tremendous Johannes Bayer, we are able to offer a range of filter coffees from around the globe (climate permitting) and espresso of both single origin and blend on rotation. We also received too much help from the lovely people at both Prufrock Coffee and The Espresso Room, one of the many altruistic actions actually manifested itself in the form of a Victoria Arduino Leva Espresso Machine, which is dead good. We basically haven't made any notable contribution to this whole project, but if there is any hint or success, rest assured we will be claiming all credit.

It is unknown how long we will remain at the Little Portland St residence, but we are going to give it a go for a little while at least.



It's still dull. 


....Further more

We gone done a change and moved down the street to the offices of Exposure London (22-23 Little Portland Street). Expect no improvements.  


......futher more

We are no more, but available for events.