We offer JB Kaffee as both our espresso and filter option at Mother's Milk. We only offer JB because we think it's the cremé-de-la-creme and so tasty it's actually nice.

JB Kaffee is Johannes Bayer and Johannes Bayer is a top notch coffee roaster in Schwabhausen, Schwabhausen was recently voted the "nicest smelling place in Germany". Coincidence? We think not. We reckon the "JB" in JB Kaffee stands for "Jerman Bloke" but then again it could possibly stand for "Johannes Bayer". Recently Johannes and his mate Toni opened a power house coffee shop in Munich called Standl 20

To summarise, Johannes is first and foremost an astute businessman, secondly a passionate lover and after all that just a downright decent governor who likes nothing more than spending a rock hard day roasting coffee beans and a semi competitive evening playing Mario Kart whilst knocking back a Bristol Cream or two.